Why join OPB?

When you work for OPB, you are part of an inclusive organization with a reputation as an international industry leader for service excellence.

As leaders and trusted advisors, our employees thrive in a culture based on respect, integrity and collaboration, with the goal of supporting a high-performing organization.

Let’s deliver the pension promise together.

People are at the heart of OPB. As a close-knit team of dedicated and skilled professionals, we do important work that has a meaningful impact on our plan members’ lives. Delivering retirement security now and into the future is a responsibility we take seriously.

Together, we thrive in a diverse and inclusive culture and believe in the power of collaboration. As a high-performing organization, we value a respectful and flexible workplace that recognizes employee well-being as key to our success. We engage in a wide variety of interesting and purpose-driven work that supports a tailored approach to the retirement planning journey. Every day, we are provided with opportunities to grow our skills, knowledge, and experience.

We take pride in being a leader in the pension industry and a trusted advisor to our clients and stakeholders. Let's deliver the pension promise together.

Who we are

Ontario Pension Board (OPB) is the administrator of the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP), a major defined- benefit pension plan sponsored by the Government of Ontario. Our membership base is made up of certain employees of the provincial government and our agencies, boards and commissions.

With $31 billion in assets and over 96,200 active, former, and retired members, the PSPP is one of the largest and oldest pension plans in Canada.

Reassuring things happen when we look after each other and work together in common cause. Over the course of their working lives, our public-servant clients support strong and sustainable communities across Ontario. We understand the importance of helping others build toward a strong and sustainable future. Through our Advise & Protect mission, we assist our clients to effectively plan for a retirement with security and dignity – a retirement in which they can thrive and continue contributing to their communities. Our team of diverse professionals supports every stage of our clients’ careers, ensuring the pensions they have earned are protected along the way through strategic and prudent fiscal oversight.

Our commitment is to be there.

There for life.

OPB’s commitment to DEI

OPB is dedicated to keeping diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of the work we do. Fostering a culture of equity, inclusiveness, and psychological safety is critical, because we recognize that diversity promotes innovation, productivity, and growth. Our commitment to advancing DEI helps us to best serve our stakeholders while protecting the future of the PSPP and empowering our employees.

OPB’s hybrid work environment

OPB is pleased to offer a hybrid work model of work for eligible staff.

OPB’s recruitment process may consist of a combination of in-person and virtual interviews and assessments.

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