Enrolment and membership

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This section provides details on enrolment and membership and includes these subsections.

Subsection Topics
  • Enrolling an Employee
  • Mandatory Membership
  • Optional Membership
Updating Member Information
  • Updating Personal Information
  • Beneficiary Changes
  • Updating Spousal Status
  • Confirming a Common-Law Relationship
  • Marital Breakdown
Updating Employer Information
  • Updating employment changes
Pension Credit
  • Communicating Pension Credit to Members
  • Pension Credit for Members who Work less than Full-Time
  • Significance of Pension Credit on Pension Benefits
  • Eligibility for Purchasing Past Service: Buyback or Transfer

The PSPP is a first-rate defined benefit pension plan... one that offers many valuable features and a high degree of financial security.

Enrolment and Membership Forms