CPP integration refers to how the PSPP and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) work together before and after you're age 65.

Your PSPP pension provides you with a lifetime pension. If you’ve retired early, you also receive an early retirement bridge benefit until you turn 65. This additional bridge benefit supplements your retirement income until you’re eligible to start collecting your unreduced CPP pension at 65.  

Key questions 

No. Your PSPP early retirement bridge benefit and your CPP pension are not the same amount. Your early retirement bridge benefit is calculated based on the credit you earned in the Plan (up to a maximum of 35 years), whereas your CPP benefit reflects the benefit you've earned in the CPP under its eligibility rules.

You will still receive your early retirement bridge benefit from the PSPP until age 65, regardless of when you start collecting your CPP benefit. Please note, your CPP pension will be reduced if you start it before age 65.

No. The adjustment for CPP integration is made at age 65 for all PSPP members even if you received CPP disability benefits prior to that date.

No. Any survivor pension paid to your eligible spouse or eligible children will be equal to a percentage of the pension that would have been payable to you after age 65..

No. The PSPP early retirement bridge benefit does not continue after age 65.


Helpful links

To learn more about CPP integration, read about how your pension is calculated in the New member section and read CPP integration and your PSPP pension (PDF).

To review your Retired Member Statement, log in to your e-services(opens in a new tab) account.

If you have questions about your PSPP pension in relation to inflation or CPP integration, give us a call. For information on the Canada Pension Plan, visit Canada.ca(opens in a new tab) or call the Government of Canada toll-free at 1-800-277-9914.