No. 92

Effective February 23, 2006

Effective immediately, please discard the OPB forms that you have in stock!

We have updated our forms to reflect our privacy policy and practices. There are now some important changes to the information we collect from, and provide to, members of the Public Service Pension Plan.

Client Number and new consent statement

The forms now ask for the Client Number as a means of identifying the member. Forms will only ask for a Social Insurance Number under limited circumstances, such as where it's needed for income tax reporting.

The consent statement has been expanded to explain how and when personal information is used, collected and shared. It also lets members know who they can call if they have any questions or concerns about our information requests and data collection.

We also reviewed the general content of our forms, to determine if any information could be removed (e.g., requests for birth dates, spousal status). As a result, some of our forms have a 'new look'. This includes the Beneficiary Designation Form (OPB 1015), which is now on our website!

Note: the Membership Enrolment Form (OPB 1005), Waiver of Basic Life Insurance (OPB 1046) and Waiver of Pre-retirement Death Benefit (Form 4) are under review. If you have any copies of these forms in stock, you can continue to use them. We will let you know when they have been updated.

Where to get copies of the revised forms

You can print the forms from our website (see the Employer section) or place an order with us. To order copies, complete a Forms Checklist and return it by e-mail to or by fax to (416) 364-7578.

'Protecting your Personal Information' - new booklet for members and pensioners

We have prepared a booklet, 'Protecting your Personal Information', which outlines our privacy policy and answers questions about how we collect, use and disclose personal information. On Thursday, February 23, this booklet will be mailed to all active PSPP members, along with Issue 5 of OPB News. They will also be available on our website.

As employers in the Ontario Public Service, we're all committed to protecting the personal information that's entrusted to us. Please take a moment to replace your OPB forms and read our privacy policy. If you - or any of the PSPP members in your organization - have any questions about our policy or forms, we would be pleased to assist you.